TX5T - Look for us on the HF bands Aug 13-22

All is falling in place, we have now received our Raivave Island call sign TX5T.

Some members have left early. Listen for them with their FO calls now! Listen for FO/K5PI and FO/W5SJ from the hotel room before we start up TX5T site! I would listen on our planned frequencies on the tab above. Robert is on 15 and 20 meters for sure, both CW and FT8 modes being operated! Check the reflectors!

As soon as we get on the air in Raivave Island, we will “self spot” on the reflectors if we have an internet signal. See you on the air! 

Inclement weather (bad storm) caused our Air Tahiti pilot to get only as far as Tubai Airport yesterday and he refueled and announce weather was too bad to try Raivave - We were thirty minutes away!. So we flew back to Tahiti, and will try at 0610 AM in the morning. Hope to get here safely, started getting set up and maybe be on the air on 30 and 40 about Zulu minus ten. or 0100 on Thursday - We will announce our arrival on the reflectors. Hope to see you on the air!. 

NOW on the air, 20 meters, 17 shortly, 40 meters, 30 meters.. 160/80 going up today - will take 3 or 4 hours to do that.

Good propagation into UA, YO, 4z4, JA of course and USA last night.

Below is the QSL card from the 2017 TX5T expedition...


Our Pilots (again) are:

          Anthony De Biasi - K2SG (East Coast USA) k2sg@comcast.net 

          Don Meyers - N7BT     (West Coast USA) n7bt@arrl.net

Thanks for personal donations. When sent you will get a note from PayPal about your donation.. It will show to the “Tonga2016” site. This is done in honor of our First DXpedition to Kingdom of Tonga, in 2016. Thanks so much from the CanAm DX Group!

23,973 Visitors to our Tonga site, Let’s see what the Australs2018 will generate.

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